fever in 11 month old This ish is bananas TTC since Mar 2014; 1 child; Georgia 1774 posts
Sep 22nd '13

My son had had a fever all weekend. It got up to 102.9 last night so I took him to the ER because medicine wasn't bringing it down. All they did was give him motrin and sent us home. I know fevers aren't er worthy but I was worried because hes never had a fever and being Saturday night the Dr or clinic was open. I cannot figure out where its coming from...he doesn't have any other symptoms. Any ideas?
I don't think it's teething..he already has 8 teeth and never gotten a fever from it.

.Jezebel. TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 10053 posts
Sep 22nd '13

It could be a virus or an ear infection. Sometimes they don't show any symptoms and there aren't any meds for a virus.