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Sep 22nd '13
Quoting Jessica Conover:" But i was just say that because baby will be to small for like the first two months"

Lol, the baby will be just fine in the crib. She doesn't have to buy a bassinet.

Amanda Farley Due July 22 (boy); 1 child; Indiana 176 posts
Sep 22nd '13

Bottles? You can stock up, if there is ever a need. Or breast pump? Breast pads...for leaky b**bs. Lanolin, Vaseline? Cannot think of anything else.

kays`mumma Due December 2 (boy); 34 kids; Australia 441 posts
Sep 22nd '13

Maternity pads! And no you do not need a bassinet

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Sep 22nd '13
Quoting Amanda Farley:" Bottles? You can stock up, if there is ever a need. Or breast pump? Breast pads...for leaky b**bs. Lanolin, Vaseline? Cannot think of anything else."

Breast Pump: I bought one because I didn't get one at the baby shower. It cost 100 dollars. You don't have to get the nicest fanciest thing out there.

Bottles: Make sure you can use them with your pump because some will not attach to it.

Breast milk storage bags: No need for explanation you need them for freezing your milk.

Breast Pads: A MUST!!! From what I've read (NOT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) the ones that are soothing, cooling, or reusable cause more harm than good in some ladies I.E blockage, yeast infections... nasty stuff.

Nursing Bras: I love the ones from Wal-Mart that come in a two pack . They have the hole in middle with the cover that goes over. Also make sure they have NO UNDERWIRE... sometime the underwire can cause a blockage in the ducts which IMO is a NO GO! I also got 6 sports bras with the scrunch in the front and no underwire. I sleep in them at night and they are actually more comfortable than a regular bra right now.

n****e Cream: As of yet I'm using Utter Butter. It has the lanolin in it and is cheaper. The hospital should also give you some but you have to tell them you are EXCLUSIVELY breast feeding.

CrystalM13 Due September 30 (girl); 1 child; Friendsville, Tennessee 105 posts
Sep 22nd '13

Monitors, Burp Cloths,Nursing pads,Storage bags for breastmilk,Pump,Bottle's,humidifer,Pacifiers,Baby Book,when you pack yourself for hospital don't forget Underware, Pads,Bra's,Little travel cases of shampoo/cond., bodywash,Toothbrush,toothpaste,PJ's. Going home outfit for you and baby, as far as Bra's I got mine at walmart that is a pregnancy and nursing Bra. it is called "loving Moments Nursing Bra" I am actually wearing mine now because my b**bs have got so much bigger. Anyways, I paid $14 for them, but they are the best! The others was to thin, the one's I got had better support and padding. Make sure you also have eaither a diaper jeannie or those disposable Small diaper trash bags. Make sure you have Diaper creme,healthcare kit with thermometer and hair brush and tooth brush, gas drops. I think that cover's most of it. Also if you get opened diapers at your shower like a diaper cake or something, use those first. Because baby may grow out of diapers sizes fast and you may need to exchange for a bigger size. My sis baby couldn't even wear NB and she gave them to me, and I hope I can use them for a couple of weeks anyways. Oh, and you will need a bottle rack to dry bottles on,even if you breast feed you can start giving them juice at about 6mths old. I think that pretty much covers it, if I think of anything else I will post.

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Sep 22nd '13

Forgot to mention he has tons of clothes all the way up to 6-9 months, I just mentioned the newborn ones because I was thinking things I'll need for when he's first born lol.

Gotta start shopping for stuff for me now, the nursing supplies and bras and stuff.

I have bottles, he'll be exclusively breast fed however so I'm not sure I'll use them much until I go back to work in January. But I do have bottles, need to invest in the drying rack and a bottle brush yet too but I won't be using those right away anyway. WIC is providing my breast pump, I believe.

Hannah Gustafson Eureka, 4 posts
Sep 22nd '13

I am thinking you have covered most of the bases! It's really good to have thorough preparation, and it sounds as if you do.