2 weeks! (pointless) Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
Sep 19th '13

Just wanted to share my excitement! Two weeks until we visit Mexico. I've been once before for my cousin's wedding, but I was only 14 at the time so this will be a whole different experience going as an adult. DH has visited Florida once and that's the only vacation he's ever been on so he's stoked. We are both super nervous. We've never been away from the kiddos for more than 1 night at a time and we'll be away 5 nights...we'll be in Mexico Thursday-Sunday, but because of travel we have to be gone Wednesday night (have to be to the airport at 3-4am Thursday and it's 3 hours from home so we're staying next to the airport Wed. night) and then Sunday we fly back but won't get home til midnight or later so that's another night lost. I know everything will go fine, but can't help but worry.

Here's a few pictures :)

Kbyers91 1 child; Albany, Ohio 164 posts
Sep 19th '13

That's exciting hope you guys have fun!

Kait. 3 kids; Iowa 2345 posts
Sep 19th '13
Quoting Kbyers91:" That's exciting hope you guys have fun!"

Thanks! We weren't able to have a full-blown honeymoon because we got married a week before my husband's finals week at school. So we just went an hour away and relaxed for two days after the we're finally going on a "real" honeymoon.