ughh Caitlin(: 1 child; USA 976 posts
Sep 18th '13

Ladies! I had a d&c may 31.
Since then every time my husband and I have sex I bleed..
We had sex Sunday night and I woke up Sunday morning and I was bleeding..

The bleeding has basically completely stopped this evening. I went to the obgyn today because of this and the dr did an internal exam and said he cant see anything because I was bleeding and to come back in 2 weeks..

My question. If I was only bleeding because we had sex (which I feel could be the case because it only lasted 3 days and had no cramps and wasnt as heavy as a period) do you think I could possibly still be pregnant?

I just feel like there is no way that was a period..

(*Melly*) 1 child; 2 angel babies; California 2487 posts
Sep 18th '13

I had a two day period one of my TTC cycles and I was not pregnant and it had never happened before.....just a weak ovulation and not much to shed.