Got my 1st Period in 4 Years! Momma Kangaroo Due October 24; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Belding, Michigan 13 posts
Sep 17th '13

As of 09/16/13 I officially FINALLY got my first period since May of 2009!!! We have been TTC our third Baby since Dec. 2012 (WHILE BREASTFEEDING) and it has been extremely difficult to do without an actual period to track my cycles. This is the only time I have EVER been excited to get a visit from aunt flo! I am very happy to discover that my previous endometriosis seems to be gone!! So now we finally get to relax and begin to track my cycles and see if they are going to be regular any time soon. Just so happy to be able to have some idea of when I am ovulating! And to not feel like I need to test every single week...just in case! :-)