Sooooooooo..... Isabellesmommy TTC since Jun 2013; Muldraugh, 5 posts
Sep 16th '13

Any Mommies just "feel" pregnant before they found out with #2?
Was it a different feeling from #1? Like symptoms?

Anyone know what the pinch feeling is in ovaries? Ovulation? i only been off my period 2 days, is it even possible to ovulate early?

user banned 2 kids; Medina, New York 1612 posts
Sep 16th '13

i was S'ing SO's D and when he came, I spit. Never did that before..

M&E's Mommy 2 kids; Hinesville, GA, United States 404 posts
Sep 17th '13

My BBS we're super swollen 4 or 5 days after conception.. And I was soooo moody and cried over the littlest thing.