Just wondering Brown Eye'd Lady 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Mississippi 100 posts
Sep 12th '13

Had a miscarriage three weeks from this Sunday(done the at home pill instead of d&c).. I finally got a negative on a pregnancy test.. Is that good sign everything going good?? I have doctor appointment next Friday..

user banned 17 kids; Boston, MA, United States 9473 posts
Sep 12th '13

well its not a bad sign. I would still definitely go to the doc appt just to make sure everything is good, but yeah if your levels are lowering then that probably means everything made it out okay.

Out-numbered Mommy ; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Luverne, MN, United States 904 posts
Sep 12th '13

I had to do the at home pill to start "expelling the tissue" but they still wanted to see me the next day to see if it was all out... Still had a D&C. I would go in.. Just because you are getting negatives doesnt mean all of the tissue is gone, you could get an infection. Sorry for your loss mama, thinking of you!