What kind of things do you do... Carley 1 child; Cheesetown, WI, United States 775 posts
Sep 12th '13

To reconnect your marriage? Spice it up? Whatever.

We're getting past our little rough spot and it's so nice to finally feel back to normal. We've decided we're going to do a couple of things from now on. One "intimate" night where we hold hands, cuddle, give each other back rubs with the knowledge it will lead to no sex. Once during the week we both have to do something "special" for each other (not anything involving money, just something nice & unexpected) without the other person knowing. And then we decided once a week we're going to plan a "at home date" for each other. Something simple but fun. What do you do?

~*Eva*~ Due May 5 (boy); 3 kids; Dallas, Texas 2224 posts
Sep 12th '13

The weekends are for family in our household, so on Saturdays we find at least one movie to watch and spend that time together while the kids run around and make themselves busy. Our movie time always takes us back to when we first started dating and it helps us remember that our little time together is precious. Once the children are older we will probably do date nights but right now we can't afford sitters.

MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26779 posts
Sep 12th '13

DH and I have been trying to be more intimate lately. We just oredered a few "very tame" toys online last night, lol. We usually don't use anything at all so it'll be new and fun.