Becoming a Military Wife Kissycooda 2 kids; Mississippi 1 posts
Sep 11th '13

I am currently dating someone who has been in the Navy 14yrs with two children and I have two as well. He is stationed in Norfolk and I live in MS. I have always wanted to follow my career and move to another state. My last visit with him, I enjoyed the Chesapeake Greenbrier Area. Its totally different from MS. The entire environment is different. While in VA, we discovered I am more frighten of water than I thought. Going places took longer due to him believing it was too much for me. He says we can still get married with me living in MS. Also he says he afraid of me being alone with the kids during weather I have never experienced before. MS has thunderstorms and tornadoes. We shut everything down whenever there is ice and snow on the ground. I told him I am willing to experience life in a new place just like I am experiencing a new relationship. I am family oriented. Everything I do involves the kids, my parents, and sisters. I grew up in a family that always put God first then family. He is a little concerned because he believes I will pack up the kids and head to my parents when he has to leave for extended period of time because I visited him recently and because he was called to work and unsure how many days he would be gone, I flew back home. I was also missing my babies. We text daily. We talk on the phone a few days a week due to our work schedules. Whenever he is away, we send emails and pictures. I do miss him a lot but its OK because when I am with him, he make sure I know how much he really loves me. He's a gentleman, he loves his country more than himself. Do anyone have any suggestions for me? I really love him and will do whatever it takes for us to be a blessed family.