Birthday party questions and peanut allergy. ☆stumbleine ☆ 4 kids; d***o, 12139 posts
Sep 11th '13

My daughter's birthday is the end of September. We moved last November from my home city, we really don't know many people out here nor did we know anyone besides my sister with children her age anyways. I don't talk with my sister anymore so more then likely they won't be here even though the invite was sent. So my question is, is it to early in the school year to invite friends from school? She just started. If not, should I ask her who she would like? So far she talks about two girls and a boy the most. Or should I just invite the whole class, which is reasonably small compared to the city schools. She has 16 in her class.

Also, there is a boy with a severe peanut allergy. The only peanuts that enter my house are peanut butter. I usually make the cakes/cupcakes myself. Would box cake still be fine? Any precautions I should take?

And last but not least, I will be doing a simple BBQ along with fruits and veggies... maybe some chips. I really wanted to do a candy table for the guest bags. Now I am thinking candy might not be such a good idea... or at least a table full might be over kill. Any other ideas?