FTM with Anxiety... Manda Mae Lepard Due March 7; Alpena, Michigan 8 posts
Sep 7th '13

Okay, so I am a 20 year old FTM, currently pregnant and I've never been the type of person to worry about anything, whether its my future or my past I don't seem to worry. As of late though I find myself unable to sleep at all because my mind is constantly "turned on" and racing with worry after worry, its gotten to the point where I feel like my relationship with my babies dad is falling apart and yet when we sit down and talk about it we are fine, its even got to the point where I look at myself in the mirror and I don't recognize the women looking back me, she isn't the young and vibrant person I once was instead I see an old, worn out and worried women staring back...even my eyes look older...
The lack of sleep is starting to affect me emotionally and physically too, I have become more prone to fits of crying and have been plauged with aches and pains bad enough I can't even take care of my home or myself, I literally lay in bed and cry all day...

Any suggestions on how I can shut my mind of even for a little while just get some much needed sleep?
Thanks in advance for any advice/ideas given