what does this mean?? HELP MAYRA R0DRiGUEZ 1 child; Coachella, California 146 posts
Sep 4th '13

I 've always had regular period even after i had my son in 2010. at the end of 2011 i didnt get my period for 3 months i ended up being pregnant and that lead to a miscarriage. well after that i got my period til this January it was the last month i had my period. I started going to planned parent hood in july and the doctor did all this blood test to see if i have diabetes thyroid and all that everything came back normal. Then she gave me Provera 10 mg for 5 days my last pill was on the 19th of Aug. I didnt get my period and yesterday i went to the doctors she prescribed me Premarin for 21 days and provera for the last 5 days of the Premarin. I havent taken the Premarin and Provera yet. Today I woke up with my back hurting and a little bit of cramps i went to the restroom and wiped my self and I saw light pink blood. I got happy I went to the restroom and a little more was coming out but still (light pink blood) what does this mean!?? also i got pregnant at 200 lbs and i am 5'1 236 lbs. My doctor thinks im not getting my period because of my weight .