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Sep 4th '13

that i may be pregnant. I've been feeling really ill lately, i almost had a fainting spell the other day, im so tired and my stomach feels tender and i keep getting random twinges in my tummy.
I've taken a pregnancy test but even though i could swear i saw a very faint line im classing it as negative as i believe i have line eyes. will be testing again next week.
I have no idea if i ovulated or not since im breastfeeding and the last period i had was when my DS was 3 months and now hes almost 7 months :/
I had sex about 9 days ago if thats any help and yes we were being careful but i know that any contraception isnt 100%
Any of you mamas had these symptoms, had negative pregnancy tests and been pregnant? and how many days after having sex did you test and it was positive?