Stage 4 Breast & Bone Cancer Fundraiser Help!! GinGerFace 1 child; Reading, Pennsylvania 82 posts
Sep 4th '13

Okay, here goes nothing. :)

Me and two of my good friends are in need of help :) we are currently putting together a fundraiser for our friend Raechel. She's 23 with a 3 year old son, fighting Stage 4 Breast/Bone Cancer. She found out a couple months ago after a visit for an annual at her ob/gyn, that she had a lump in her chest. After a biopsy and removal of lymph nodes it was confirmed Stage Two Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After 2 months of Chemo she received a PET scan (full body scan that detects tumors) she found out it spread down to her hips and now is fighting Stage 4 Breast & Bone Cancer.
The facebook group has more information about everything if your interested and live in Pennsylvania and want to attend- :)

The help Part : I'm in DIRE need of some help with a letter head, and ribbons/ designs to print I'm a computer geek- but by now means can I figure out PS or anything with designing/ images. I'll stick to coding ;)
. I have no problem finding breast cancer ribbons but I was looking for something with both yellow & pink ribbons combined and maybe a heart and Raechel's Name and event date- to post on the letter head and the flyer. I have a paypal account, and if anyone is interested helping maybe we can figure out a design and I can pay you that way.
Also if anyone has ran a fundraiser before I wouldn't mind any input you have or advice with anything or everything :) We had a account set up online with hoping people would donate from our local area and spreading the word thru facebook but no one has donated any. ( the people that weren't planning on attending the actual benefit, which is set to take place October 6, 2013 )
We were planning on using the money raised from here, to help with the cost of the t-shirts. Which are also up in the air, as we have a local company willing to print for free but we need to provide t-shirts and we are having no luck finding donated t-shirts or discounts.

anyone have any sort of pointers, ideas, or suggestions? lol :) i'd appreciate it a BUNCH!