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Carmen (LayLu)

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Sep 5th '13

Caitlin (Cakes)

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Sep 5th '13

Diana B

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Sep 5th '13

Christine ( :*:CHRiSTiNe:*: ) creative I know

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Leave BG alone. You've already damaged it enough and have made several people leave, pretty soon you won't have anyone here besides trolls and noobs that cant keep a site like this running. Have a heart! This is more than just some site to a lot of the ladies on here.

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Caitlyn (Belle De Jour)

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I agree this site is the best out of them all...
Jessica (anxiouslywaitingforabfp!)
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Erica H.

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Granted, that isn't long especially compared to many others on this site, but I love BG the way it is. Please stop changing it.

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Sep 5th '13

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Sep 5th '13
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Sep 5th '13

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(Yeah, I'm late to the party.)

Edit: Ah, awesome. I see a compromise was reached.

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Sarah (p***s)

I started lurking bg in 07 and joined in 2008. No matter how many "breaks" ive raken ive always camr back because I love BG the way it is. If all these shenanigans continue, I will leave along with the many members that have already left.