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Sep 2nd '13

It is finally starting to hit me that we're expecting another baby soon. Like, really soon. In less than 2 hours I'll officially be 34 weeks. WTF. I feel like just yesterday I found out. I don't know where the time went. Starting to panic a little! I blame nursing school...I started (and completed - woohoo!!) my first semester this past summer. It was a condensed course and very fast paced and I had no time to focus on anything baby. No planning started until the semester ended (on August 10) and at that point I just wanted to relax and not worry about anything, baby things included. Now I'm taking the fall semester off from nursing school but will be taking two elective online classes that will go towards a higher degree. They start tomorrow.

I feel like I have SO much I want/need to do still to prepare for this baby. She doesn't have furniture, bedding, or anything nursery related. All she has is an empty room that needs painting. She'll be rooming with us for the first couple of months so I haven't been rushing to get that done. She needs more clothes. I need to start planning/packing my hospital bag and a bag for my son for when the grandparents watch him when I'm in the hospital. I want to cloth diaper and need to start stocking up. I do have two small packs of newborn disposables, so I am somewhat prepared in that way lol. I want to take a breastfeeding class. I need to make sure my pump still works after sitting in my hot attic for months. Need new pump parts. I need a 4 door car (we have arrangements figured out, just need to get the ball rolling to GET the car!), I need to get to reading my hypnobirthing book, I want to make her a blanket or hat or something, I want to learn how to make hair bows, so much to do!!

On top of it, we are in the process of moving. It's a slow process. My dad is moving out and renting us his house for a lot cheaper than we are paying for our apartment. We now have 2 more bedrooms, 2 stories rather than 1, and an awesome backyard. We still have quite a bit of time left on our lease, so no rush there..just more to worry about.

Also, my sons second birthday is 2 days before my due date. I need to plan his birthday party. I was thinking of aiming for a week after his birthday. Pretty sure I will have the baby by then. And that way, the rest of the family will all be together and will be able to see the new baby.

My son was 9 days early. It's hard to believe she could be here in 42 days or less. I don't even know where to begin with getting everything ready. Omg, panic setting in....

end rant :D :shock: :?