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Sep 1st '13

If you guys have followed my pregnancy at all then you know that it hasn't exactly been a normal experience for us.

SO is doing his best to keep me from falling into a severe depression once the baby is born, and in his mind that means distracting me as much as possible.

Once I get to my two week PP checkup, he wants to throw a "party" to kind of get some of my friends together and remind me that we are doing a really good thing that's worth celebrating and worth being happy about.

He's been such a peach through this, I'm not sure how much I'll feel like "partying" but I thought that I'd humor him at least. I'm sure that he's got great memories of us being each other's wingmen before we started dating. Haha. I used to love drinking and he was def. my partner in crime.

Anyway, we've been talking about what kind of drinks and stuff we'd want to have. We're both a fan of mixed drinks. We both love Jager, but not Jager bombs because I'm not a fan of having heart attacks.. I'm more inclined to earthier drinks, if that makes any sense..not really fruity things. I'd also really like to try more alcoholic coffee drinks.

Does anyone have any ideas on some drink recipes? What are your favorite date night/girl's night out drinks?

ETA: I love vodka and he loves rum, and he assures me I'd like gin if I tried it.

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Sep 1st '13

The hulk , Hennessy mixed with hypnotic... It turns green and pretty tasty !