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    • Clasp it at the front and twist it around -- Votes: 28
    • Put it on frontways and clasp it behind your back -- Votes: 13
    • Other way/Other type of bra -- Votes: 3
☠Undead Mommy☠ 1 child; Westerville, Ohio 24562 posts
Sep 1st '13

front. there's no way I can clasp it in the back lol

**Blessed_Insanity** 7 kids; Wyoming 19410 posts
Sep 1st '13

I put it on like a shirt lol, I dont even unclasp it haha. Just put it over my head, and pull it over the girls.

xpubg 2 kids; 5 angel babies; Sacramento, California 37358 posts
Sep 1st '13

Lol thanks for answering! Seems like bigger b**bs = putting it on and clasping in the back mostly?