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Sep 1st '13

Lo will be one in just a few days :( he seems to be waking up at 1 am every night to nurse and go right back to sleep. He doesnt even really wake up, he just screams with his eyes closed until i give him the b**b. I usually think its because its half way through the night and he must be hungry but tonight he fell asleep at 730, he only nursed for about 5 minutes and fell asleep. He woke up at 10:30, ate and fell right back to sleep. I could clearly tell he was hungry. He then woke up again right at 1am. I was hoping he wouldnt need to wake any time soon cuz he just ate.

So im sure h

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11905 posts
Sep 1st '13

some kids don't sleep through the night till 18 months+

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Sep 1st '13
Quoting P3RvYmCp3rv:" some kids don't sleep through the night till 18 months+"

My firstborn woke up every two to three hours to nurse from the time he was six months until he was 20 months.
My friend (who's worked with pregnant women and babies for 20+ years and is big on AP, so I respect her advice) told me he's ready to night wean. Just explain that we're not nursing in the night anymore, he can nurse in the morning, offer a sippy of water and any comfort but the b**b, and in a few days he'll be over it. He cried the first night (but he wasn't alone, he was comforted), a little the second, and only woke up I think once the third night. He's slept through the night ever since. If it had really been hard for him, I would have accepted he wasn't ready.
It maybe is habit with your son, but he is only one and it is only once. I would let him, myself, for a few more months anyway. But you could try what I did, and if after three nights, he's not over it, just accept he's not ready to give it up yet.

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Sep 1st '13

Habit, probably. Do you feed him something heavier, like oatmeal, before bedtime, to hold him longer through the night?

I'd recommend nipping it in the bud as soon as you can. LO is 18 months and still wakes up all the time through the night to nurse, even though I know she isn't hungry and it goes on for hours.