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Sep 1st '13
Quoting Bad Things:" <blockquote><b>Quoting FroggysMommy:</b>" Our fridge broke last year. That has to ... [snip!] ... in Wisconsin so we just put everything in the snow. You don't know how much food u have until you have to clean all of it out!"

Yeah, seriously. We managed to save SOME food in the freezer but hardly any. We had to use coolers for nearly a week and it was just insane. Like we couldn't really have leftovers, we were buying tiny bottles of milk for things we needed and eating out a lot because we just didn't have anything to cook and if we had leftovers we risked it not being good enough to eat. It was crazy!

I lived in an apartment with Tony with no air conditioning, I'm thankful for that too. It got SO f**king hot in that apartment, there were days we literally would be laying in the living room near the sliding glass door in our underwear. Tony's son probably wouldn't appreciate me in just my bra and boxers (well he saw me in my boxers all the time) but not just my bra. So as soon as he would go to his Moms Id be all "HELL YES!" and strip down to undies. We hated it there! And I hate the sound of fans so it bugged the f**k out of me to have fans on in the house!

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Sep 1st '13

Amen to that!
Spent all last year cooking food on a griddle and over an open fire. Have spent the last two years doing my clothes at a laundromat. Granted, my situation right now isn't ideal or all that great...I at least have a working stove and a washer and dryer just down the hall that I don't have to drop coins into.

You never really know what you have until it's gone.