Weaning, Teething, and Growing! OH MY! Lady-Lunarius 1 child; Oklahoma 87 posts
Aug 31st '13

Okay as the title may suggest my LO is going through all of this right now. She's 11 months, and she has teeth coming in like crazy, (we are up to 8 or 9), she's grown 2 inches in less than two weeks, and we've had to take her off bottles. At first I breast fed, and then we went to bottles because some problems at work with my pumping.

We decided to take her off the bottle for several reasons, the first and foremost being that she can't seem to keep formula down. We've tried Lactose sensitive and any other kind we could think of. Finally after talking to the doctor, we decided to take her off the formula completely. She eats solids very easily has since 7 months. (She's 21lbs, and 29 inches long) and the last couple of weeks have been maddening.

I know all about the stranger danger, cling to mama and daddy phase, but its starting to worry me a little. Just tonight I've bathed her, fed her, changed her, and for the last 45 minutes she's been screaming in her bed, refusing to sleep. I dont know what to do, and even holding her seems to just piss her off but she insists on being held. I've rubbed her down with lotion too, massaging her legs, and just letting her cry is giving me a headache. Any advice would be awesome.

October2011 Due August 5; 3 kids; Pennsylvania 8805 posts
Aug 31st '13

I remember when my son went through all that around the same age...I brought the stroiller in the house, popped Barney on the tv and rocked him. sometime he fell asleep..but most nights we were up til 6 am.... Just realize that it will pass.