Is it a federal offense KNZ. 3 kids; Washington 59258 posts
Aug 30th '13

To destroy someone's mailbox?
We have a locked box on a metal post and both have been demolished to where it's ripped out of the ground

Is there anything we can do? Replacing the post today, but I's illegal to even try and touch someone's mail....

Could be a post n run

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
Aug 30th '13

Yes. You'd have to be able to prove who broke your mailbox though.

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 18492 posts
Aug 30th '13

If so I sure hope the statute of limitations are up on the neighbor's mailbox I totaled when I was 15. :oops:

Gold 3 kids; Stuffed with a, ., Turkey 67018 posts
Aug 30th '13

Yes. BUT you have to have proof of who did it.

When I was about 16, some woman in my neighborhood (who turned out to be a cop) almost hit me with her car, so I ended up calling her a b***h and being on my merry way... about 2 weeks later I had police knocking on my door asking if I destroyed her mail box (I didn't) and since there was no proof and no one saw who did it there was nothing they could do.