Pregnant forever... Max Power♥ 2 kids; Victorville, California 3328 posts
Aug 25th '13

I feel like this pregnancy is never going to end! My due date is in 4 more hours, and still no sign what so ever of baby.

I'm only 1cm dilated, 50 percent effaced and at -3 station, like I have been for the last 2 weeks.

This is all new to me, since DD was born at 37 weeks.


user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Aug 25th '13

It'll happen!! Labor dust to you!

OldSoulBeauty Due June 3 (boy); 2 kids; DipityDooBittyBopBop, WA, United States 4684 posts
Aug 25th '13

You dont have to have physical change now to go into labor tomorrow! Its gonna happen!

MaxandEli Due July 26; 2 kids; Tiffin, Ohio 5 posts
Aug 25th '13

I had to be induced with both my kids. One way or the other they will be born lol I know how you feel though, my oldest was 12 days late.