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Aug 26th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting TootsMcGoots:</b>" And I'm pretty sure DS would starve himself. He never gives me any indication he wants to eat. He would ... [snip!] ... I'm eating something, he MUST have a bite...especially if it's something he shouldn't have -- like a chocolate bar."</blockquote>

He won't starve himself, honest. Breastmilk is still very satisfying and supplying him with fat and vitamins. Maybe if you cut back he'll eat more? Not saying to do that, just suggesting if you want him to eat mire,but it is filling him up the same as drinking does but it's healthier (: Vitamins are fine to give. If you're concerned talk to his pedi about pediasure, they can advise you if he needs it under 2. her Doctor said it was fine to give her, but she wouldnt drink it ir molk for a long time. She still only occassoonally drinks milk, mainly if its in her cereal. When she first got interested in food it was only chicken nuggets, oatmeal, yogurt and cereal.