we found a dog DeidreLC Due October 24 (boy); 1 child; 2 angel babies; Spotsylvania, Virginia 1104 posts
Aug 24th '13

We found a dog in our yard this morning. Walked to our neighborhood houses, asking if it was theirs or if they knew whos it was. To no avail. This little dog didn't have a name tag, just a rabies vaccine ID. I called the place that did the vaccine to see if they could trace the owner, and they did. Turns out the dogs owner lives 60 miles away. The vet called this guy and left multiple messages, as did I and my mom. We've fed the dog, given it water, all that jazz. What else can we do? I feel bad because we can't keep him in our home because he just tried to bite DS while DS was eating...

edit- I also have 3 big dogs- and the dog we found is a shihtzu and my dogs aren't comfortable with it obviously. We have to keep the little dog in the study but that's not good for it. :[

user banned California 8675 posts
Aug 24th '13

Take him to the pound asap he almost bite your son your dogs are uncomfortable. What else do you want to do? Take him to the pound and tell them what you told us theyll take it from there.