Symptoms by DPO thread! M&E's Mommy 2 kids; Hinesville, GA, United States 404 posts
Aug 24th '13

Hey ladies!! I usually try not to obsess with symptom spotting.. but heck, who am I kidding lol (: Any way here are my symptoms.

O day
1 Dpo- 6 dpo nothing unual I guess
7 Dpo- cramping, aching feeling in lower left side.. almost felt like in my hip, lasted for an hour maybe. Sore achy b**bs that night. Creamy stretchy Cm. BFN.
8 Dpo- Yellowish, brown tint Cm, twinges periodically through the day, moody, sore heave fuller b**bs.
9 Dpo- Moody, bbs some what still sore, nipples sensitive, crying, emotional, tired and a massive headache.. thought I was getting a cold for a second.

SO ladies share your symptoms too!