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.Christin. 1 child; Florida 1351 posts
Aug 26th '13


Mason, Carmen & Nolans Mo 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 6508 posts
Aug 27th '13

Carmen Jade <3


Amber {Dylan's momma} 1 child; Lodi, Ohio 2052 posts
Aug 28th '13
Quoting ♥MamaToSilas♥:" You probably should have updated that voting began. I almost missed it.."

agree. i almost missed 1st round

Amber {Dylan's momma} 1 child; Lodi, Ohio 2052 posts
Aug 29th '13

So I was DQ'd for linking the contest? I didn't ask for personal votes and your OP only said no solicitation for personal votes, not that we couldn't link the contest'

Donna Marie & Mommy 1 child; San Diego, California 338 posts
Aug 31st '13
Quoting ♥MamaToSilas♥:" 3rd Round is up for those who didn't see it... OP you should really keep up with this.. I almost missed ... [snip!] ... this.. I almost missed the 3rd Round. Good thing I went into the contests area.."

Lol, it's really not that hard to go to the contests and look, especially when you know you're in a contest. I'll post it next time though. I've never done a multiple round contest like this before. Just so everyone knows, I don't start voting until ALL entries are in, so don't worry about missing it! :)