Don't think I had to "try" lol mommie2.0 33 kids; California 5525 posts
Aug 22nd '13

Idk but my b**bs are killing and im getting headaches, i havent pooped in 2 days but im gassy as ever! idk how any of the TTC terminology is used but I know is that I did the do 3 weeks ago and my periods are pretty irregular. Yeah it sucks because I never know when aunt flow is coming. My period left 3 weeks ago and that's when me and my BF had sexy time. I know it's rare but my body is weird and I ALWAYS am the one that the "rare" stuff happens too.

Should I test?

Mrs.Gray♥ 48 kids; Corinth, Mississippi 1669 posts
Aug 23rd '13

it wouldn't hurt.

Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
Aug 23rd '13

Sure, why not!
If AF rears her ugly head, maybe you should look into temp charting. I started before I got pregnant with #2, not because I was desperate to get pregnant, but because I had just read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility and was interested in learning more about my body. I loved it because I always knew exactly when AF was coming by the temp drop that morning. And then when I got pregnant, I knew before I tested because I made it to 8DPO when I only had a 7 day luteal phase.