A, G, O & L's Mom 4 kids; Michigan 1633 posts
Aug 22nd '13

People have been so rude and nosy lately. I am big already and I know I am only going to get bigger . Some of my maternity clothes are already getting a little small. I was at the store and some fat old man comes up to me and tells me I look like I'm gonna pop any day. I told him no not due until December. Then he went on to tell me I am huge and there has to be more than 1 in there. I called him an a*****e and went on my way. I am at the point if someone feels the need to say something to me then I am gonna say something mean back.

I am also sick and tired of hearing about how busy I am going to be with 3 kids and the youngest 2 being 14 months apart. Gotta love the look on peoples faces when they see my 11 month old and my huge belly. They cant resist asking if we tried to prevent having babies so close together. I don't think I need to discuss my birth control failure with complete strangers. Even if we did TTC at 6 months PP it is nobody's damn business except for us.

The Doctor 2 kids; Boulder, CO, United States 60775 posts
Aug 22nd '13

I just tell people I am about to pop. :lol: Alien style.