FINALLY good news. Lorelei's Mommy ♥ 1 child; Scotts Valley, CA, United States 1463 posts
Aug 22nd '13

I'm still having issues with BD and getting rude/mean texts from him 24/7 when my daughters there accusing me of things i dont do and things she tells him. But hey, shes 3 and makes shit up all the time. which he cants seem to understand.
BUTTT, i got hired last Wednesday for a job. Which led me to a county assistants program for housing. They basically pay my deposit and up to 3 months rent, buttt i only qualified because i got this job! The lady at the meeting today told me, i was basically on my own in finding a place but once i found one it would take 5 days to process the money and move me in!
I was a little down because i thought nobody would rent to me. I dont have criminal records buttt i have no actual credit and my checking account was closed due to my BD (took all our money from joint and in negative, disappeared and left me with a new born and no job). Anyway, I was skyping my best friend's mom from middle school, my second mom. She just moved out of the country and is trying to sell her house. But shes having issues with it. The tenants who rent from her are moving out this month and she desperately needs someone. She agreed to take the county program with the agreement i would allow showings for selling the house. Her house is small (what i wanted), its 2 bedrooms ( i was looking for tiny studios) and shes willing to give it to me in my price range. YAY
I FINALLY feel like theres hope and im moving in the right direction.
as of 2 weeks ago i was living with my ex mother in law (not happy about it), Jobless with nooo hope!
and within a few days everythings working out!

Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
Aug 22nd '13

That's awesome! Good for you.
Love the name Lorelei, btw. So pretty.