Lunch Ideas for day care.. .:Mini.Me:. 1 child; Arizona 406 posts
Aug 19th '13

My daughter just started day care today and I'm having a hard time trying to think of lunch ideas.. Without even thinking, I packed her a pb&j sandwich today.. but her day care is a peanut free place so they didn't give it to her :/ They also won't warm up food for her, which sucks because whenever she eats lunch at home it's always something I warm up for her, especially since she loves spaghetti.. Some foods that she can't have there are chips, cookies, candy, desserts, fruit roll ups, sodas, fruit drinks, lunchables and fast food. I usually don't give her any of that stuff anyways though. Any other mamas have ideas for me!? I have no idea what to pack for her tomorrow.. I'll probably just pack her a turkey sandwich til I can go to the store and pick up some things for her..

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
Aug 19th '13

There are other options for peanut butter you might try at home regularly until she likes it or she might like it right away like sunbutter.

Mini bagels and cream cheese, lunch meat and cheese on a bun, crackers, pita bread and tuna. Egg salad with relish, lunch meat rolled up with cream cheese in the middle.

Any kind of fruits and veggies.

Carley 1 child; Cheesetown, WI, United States 775 posts
Aug 19th '13

Do bento box type lunches for her. Carrot sticks, red/green peppers, ranch dip. Pretzels/goldfish. Ham/cheese or turkey/cheese pinwheels or little cut up sandwiches. Cut up watermelon chunks, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, etc. Yogurt/applesauce cups. Crackers and cheese cubes with grilled chicken? (could be good cold). Cereal type trail mixed woulds be good, too.

B&V Nevada 424 posts
Aug 19th '13

I would often heat things up super hot and keep in a thermos or tightly closed container and it'll still be warm by the time they eat it. That's what daycare told me to do and it works.

KateMichelle 1 child; Michigan 109 posts
Aug 20th '13

y DD loves tuna fish. I put it on toast most the time with some cut up cheese on the side and water. but you could also you ritz cracker instead of toast.. also turkey wraps with veggies, sliced turkey and ranch.... but if she really likes PBJ you can use soy butter or sunflower butter instead of peanut butter (just be sure to tell the preschool its not peanut butter or they might not give it to her)

Lagertha TTC since Jan 2016; 2 kids; Brisbane, Australia 3276 posts
Aug 21st '13

I usually pack my daughter:

- a sandwich (Vegemite, or Jam, or ham & cheese, depending what's in the house)
- a fruit bar or museli bar
- biscuits, crackers
- 2 pieces of fruit (usually a banana, cut up apple or a mandarin)
- yoghurt

Ace of Bace 1 child; New Bern, North Carolina 1675 posts
Aug 25th '13

I think I'm sheltered because I have never heard of a daycare not providing the food. hmm. when my son is home for lunch I give have Greek yogurt and fruit most of the time. that might be good..