potty training question Xander&Alora's momma Due December 6; 2 kids; Washington 481 posts
Aug 19th '13

My son turned two in May, i started potty training a few weeks back and he's been doing great. If were at home hes always in underwear or naked and does well. he won't go number two though, he freaks out realllllllllly bad. Anyway, when do you know its a good time to take them out and about without a pull-up on? If he has a pull up on he will tell me about 50% of the time when hes going not that he needs to go. & hes not holding it in at night. He just started wanting to pee in our bathroom instead of his potty chair but that's only sometimes. I need advice please????

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Aug 19th '13

Just do it. I never used pull ups when going out. Once we had a good solid week at home I just packed a few changes of clothes and went for it.