BFed baby to milk Mason, Carmen & Nolans Mo 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 6508 posts
Aug 19th '13

My DD always been just BFed and a bottle of bm once in a while if needed and she use to take it just fin until this last few months she wont take a bottle of bm or milk which is fine because she will be 1 the 22nd so no need for bottles. So I tried to put some milk in a sippy and she wont take it. The only milk she will take is BM from tap and thats it. I don't want to wean her but shouldn't she be drinking cows milk? If not then no need to worry right lol?

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Aug 19th '13

No, she doesn't need cow's milk at all. I would keep offering BM in a cup though.