engorgement... help! MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 47032 posts
Aug 18th '13

I am 3 days pp. My milk came in yesterday and now im engorged to the point that i think my breasts might explode. They are enormous and its painful to move my arms. Lucky LO is still able to latch on.

I cant remember doe the life of me.... How long does this last?

And would pumping at all make this worse or take longer to regulate? Im doing cold packs and Motrin for the pain but this is unreal.

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Aug 18th '13

I wouldn't pump, just hand express a little in the shower to relieve a little pressure.

Vicki McDonald Due September 28 (boy); 3 kids; Belleville, Ontario 927 posts
Aug 18th '13

Pumping will provide temp relief but your milk supply is regulated by demand so will just prolong it! I took warm showers and massaged them to get the milk flowing, it totally helped!