should I consider taking him to a sleep specialist? ..Adele.. 18 kids; your moms ass, HI, United States 22698 posts
Aug 18th '13

Hello my snarky b***hes:lol:

I'm concerned about my son's sleeping patterns. He's sleeping later and later each night and waking up earlier and earlier every morning. With no naps during the day, if he naps he's up ALL NIGHT LONG(even for 20 minute naps) but then in return because he doesn't take a nap he's overly tired and gets angry and cranky when it's time for bed...

I'm worried that he's not getting enough night he trashes and cries sometimes...I have to snuggle him and I'm okay with that, it's when I try to move even just a little bit after he's calmed down he'll FREAK OUT all over again...

any advice? sorry if this seems confusing, I'm VERY tired seeing as how I no longer get any sleep because of my 3 year old -_-

it's sad that my 4 month old sleeps better than my 3 year old. Okay, now I'm done.

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Aug 18th '13

on average how many hours does he sleep at night?