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Boiled Eggs user banned
Aug 18th '13

I made some on Wed. night for camping but we never ate them. Would they be okay for egg salad today (Sunday lunch)?

ChristinaLynne 3 kids; Pancake, TX, United States 29912 posts
Aug 18th '13

As long as they been refrigerated they are fine. I boil them and put them in containers for snacks for the week

Megan+3 Due May 21 (boy); 2 kids; Ohio 1900 posts
Aug 18th '13

Yep! Should be fine if they were in the fridge. I eat hard boiled eggs almost everyday.

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Aug 18th '13

Yep! I second what the others have said. I boil them on sunday, put them in containers and then my husband can take them to work with his lunch.