3rd baby, 3rd labour, how did you feel? Shannee Due October 5; 2 kids; Calgary, Alberta 145 posts
Aug 15th '13

Just curious as to how you other mamas felt leading up to your third labour? With my first I remember not being very nervous, I did have a bit of anxiety but I didn't over think it and imagined it wouldn't be to bad. My second I was so freaked out a read everything I could about labour and was on baby gaga 24-7 and had quite a bit of anxiety over it (probably because I knew what to expect) this time around I haven't even thought much at all about labour or the pregnancy it's weird... I more just worry about my husband being out of town when I go into labour but not about the painful details. Also how was your third labour? Did you find it easy breezy? How far along we're you? I had my first son at 39 weeks 6 days and my second sone at 38 weeks.

Vicki McDonald Due September 28 (boy); 3 kids; Belleville, Ontario 927 posts
Aug 15th '13

Kind of the same as the second except that I think that I was over anticipating b/c the first two came so fast. I was sent home from L&D twice before he actually made an appearance because I was so paranoid that I would not be there in time

Ajoni's MamaDrama Due November 13; 3 kids; South Carolina 1848 posts
Aug 15th '13

I'm anticipating HOW I'm going to go into labor this time around. My first two, my husband and I had sex to bring about contractions, and they worked, both times...this time around I'm feeling like it'll be a dramatic labor. The whole "ahhh my water broke, I gotta pusssshhhh" while driving to the hospital or something..I feel like it's not going to be as smoooooth as my others.

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Aug 15th '13

With my first I was anxious , I read everything I could . With my second I was super calm and relaxed about the whole thing. With my third again I was relaxed . My fourth I was a bit more nervous I'm not sure why though lol! My first labor was 10 1/2 hours long at 42 weeks ( no induction) , second 4 hours long at 41 weeks 3 days , third was my wild card . I went into labor at 36 weeks 4 days with contractions at 30 min apart till the next morning . My son was born after a total of 29 hours . The worst part about my third labor was my contractions were never consistent . My fourth labor was 4 1/2 hours long super super easy!

Trey&Genesis'momma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Somewhere, IN, United States 4802 posts
Aug 16th '13

Well the only one I went into labor with was my first but it ended in an emergency csection due to fetal distress and almost losing him. So I can't really speak for labor and delivery. But I can say from a csection stand point, I was more nervous with my third than I was with my first or my second. It was weird. Lol. I guess I had good reasoning though because as it ended up, my third csection was HORRID. The spinal they used attacked my body more so than it did with my others and they almost lost me. It messed with my heart rate, my blood pressure and I almost had a seizure on the table. Scary stuff. This is going to be my fourth and I'm actually not nervous about the csection at all surprisingly. Probably bc the drs refuse to use the spinal on me anymore since my body evidently can't take it. So I will be asleep during the procedure.