Bleeding days before expected period Mommyto2XYs 2 kids; south chesterfield, VA, United States 366 posts
Aug 15th '13

Last month I had what I thought was a period on the 18th of July, lasted a few days and was a little "early" compared to my normal cycle..than had light bleeding on the 26th of July? I went to OB/GYN she said she wouldn't worry about one weird I forgot about it until recently.

The past few weeks Ive had cravings,sore breasts, fatigue and headaches but I told myself to wait it out till this month..

Last week I had pinchy pain really low, thought it was strange...

Well I started to lightly bleed today (the 15th) ? Not a lot, very light but still its extremely early and unexpected..

I don't know what to think? Any ideas

Nicola. 2 kids; Manton, MI, United States 13426 posts
Aug 15th '13

It happens to me, a lot.

But seems like you are thinking you may be pregnant? I'd just test and see. At least ease your mind. Worrying too much about your periods could cause them to be irregular or different.