A first name that goes with the middle name Luke? hiyaamirandaax Due October 20; 1 child; Pennsylvania 2 posts
Aug 15th '13

I recently found out I was pregnant with my second child. My first son's name is Carson Scott. If I have a girl, I am naming her Stella Grace, Grace being the middle name because it's my grandmother's middle name. If I have a boy, I'm not to sure what to make the first name, I had Brayden Luke picked out. But, my family seems to disagree with Brayden. However, I am keeping the middle name Luke as it was my grandfathers middle name who recently passed away. So, any suggestions on what to make the first name?

tooodles 240 kids; Thailand 5075 posts
Aug 15th '13

Why does your family have any say in what you name your child? You want to name him Brayden then name him that.

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
Aug 15th '13

I think lots of names go good with Luke.


Womb Raider 3 kids; Japan 523 posts
Aug 15th '13

Well if you like Brayden...go with Brayden. My family sure didn't like me naming my son what I named him but he's my child, not theirs. But I think Luke is a cute middle name so there are a lot of names that match with it. You could go more traditional with Brandon Luke. Alexander Luke. James Luke. Samuel Luke. Preston Luke. Oliver Luke. Elias Luke.

Yurvette [♥] TTC since Jan 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino 37262 posts
Aug 15th '13

Is luke going ot be Lucas? I love the name Lucas. My son before he became Adrian Lewis, was either Richard Lucas or Lucas Richard.

KShaeMiller Lubbock, Texas 1 posts
Aug 15th '13

I like Brantley Luke and Mason Luke

hiyaamirandaax Due October 20; 1 child; Pennsylvania 2 posts
Aug 15th '13
Quoting KShaeMiller:" I like Brantley Luke and Mason Luke"

I like the name Mason, but my first sons name is Carson.
I think it clashes to much.

Megan+3 Due May 21 (boy); 2 kids; Ohio 1900 posts
Aug 15th '13

If you like that name..go with it. Don't let anyone sway you from a name you love. I also like Luke as a first name..but maybe:

Nolan Luke
Greyson Luke
Austin Luke
Zachary Luke
Collin Luke
Easton Luke
Miles Luke
Camden Luke
Wyatt Luke
Caleb Luke
Owen Luke
Emmett Luke
Riley Luke
Garrett Luke

mακαnαni Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77392 posts
Aug 15th '13

I think Braden sucks. It's overdone and it's a sound a donkey makes.

Luke goes with just about anything.