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Aug 15th '13
Quoting Rivera Ancient:" <blockquote><b>Quoting ღCeCeღ:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting ... [snip!] ... who stays at home with mom, but B comes M-F all day. Odd right? If she stays at home with brother, why is B enrolled full time?"

Maybe the other brother goes to pre-school or does sports or something that socializes him.

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Aug 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting loser mom (tko!):</b>" Maybe the other brother goes to pre-school or does sports or something that socializes him. "</blockquote>


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Aug 15th '13
Quoting Rivera Ancient:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Destinite:</b>" I'm getting the impression your friend doesn't ... [snip!] ... personally I just think its questionable. All she wants to do is tell the mom the truth that he's not getting any better."

I think she should be able to give the mom an update on his progress. I've never had my child at a place where his direct teacher/care giver couldn't give an update. I find it odd she wants her to lie about his progress.
Then again, I am the type of mom that likes daily updates. I want to know what is going on everyday.

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Aug 15th '13

That is so wrong that the boss is telling her to lie. They need to be honest with the mum and work together. A month is still pretty early. It could just take longer for the child to settle in, or maybe speak to the mother so she can look at other options (if she works and needs childcare) like a 121 child minder.

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Aug 15th '13

A whole month is a long time for a child to continue w/the crying and not eating for the whole 6hr day. While I do agree that some children take much longer to ''adjust'' to childcare , the child in question is having an extreme reaction and is causing himself harm(by not eating).
Not only is it unfair to the child (that by the sounds of it could possible have a severe social phobia or a developmental delay) it is also unfair to the other children in the daycare to have to deal w/this childs behavior on a daily basis.
In a school setting a child wouldn't be allowed to remain in the classroom if they were a constant disruption & this ''childcare facility'' is not only a daycare but a ''learning center'' ,where parents pay for their children to be taught lessons not to watch a traumatized child scream and cry all day.

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Aug 15th '13

Despite what's going on, I don't think it's her place to tell the mom that her kid shouldn't be in daycare. The mother knows whats going on and should be the one choosing what's right for her child. However I am completely against her boss trying to make her lie to the mom about the situation. How can the mom possibly make an informed decisions if she is being lied to about it. If I were her I'd quit and get away from this toxic environment. Hopefully the child can be spared of any more trauma and her name and reputation can be preserved.