Hard bed time ~T&C plus me~ 2 kids; .., OR, United States 4255 posts
Aug 12th '13

Did anyone have issues getting their toddler to bed right after turning 2? It is such a fight now! Just started within the last week. We got him into his toddler bed, he was fine for a week, then all of a sudden, all he does is cry, and scream when he goes into his bed. Even at naptime now as well, which we have never had problems with. I am stumped on how to help him! HELP! Please tell me this is normal, and i stops after a short while!

Daynah [L&C&N] 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Orlando, Florida 784 posts
Aug 12th '13

I can't really remember having a BIG issue with my DS but as he got older he would get a little more stubborn about bed time.

I made sure to keep to a routine. I also always let him know what was coming next once we started something new. Like when we would sit at the dinner table I'd tell him "Okay after we eat, we're going to take a bath, then it's bed time" Then also tell him again once he would get to the bathroom for his bath. Letting him know what's going to happen before hand let's him think about it and process it so it doesn't seem like a "surprise", even if it's the same routine EVERY night.

When we moved in with my in-laws he started having problems with keeping his door shut. He used to always sleep with his door closed until we moved. We now have to keep the hall light on and keep his door open just a few inches. Doesn't seem like much but to him he was able to calm down and fall to sleep faster.

I think at 2 all kids will start to fight on certain things with you whether it's food, playing, naps, or bedtime. Just remember to stay calm. If he's screaming he might be scared of the dark. Just because he wasn't scared of it last week, doesn't mean he's not scare now. So a nightlight is always a good solution for that. Even letting him go to the store and help him pick one out.

Hope something I said helped. Good luck mama! Just know it's all normal :)