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Aug 9th '13
Quoting she nan igans:" I don't. I also missed the connection I guess, why the side of West TX mattered. I think the story ... [snip!] ... is very sad because no matter the autopsy reports I do think they were brave men who gave their lives trying to help people."

West, Texas is only a couple miles from me. It effected this whole area emotionally. I cried and mourned for everyone involved and yet, I'm not mad that the paper printed what they did...

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Aug 9th '13

I don't know how I feel about it. I feel bad that they disclosed the information like that. They could've just alerted the fire department that these two men had been drinking and still responded and they could've reevaluated policy or whatever. It might just be that they only responded because it was a huge inncedent and they needed everyone and had it not been so big they wouldn't have. I do think they are heros and not terrible people because of this. I mean, it's the news though. They dig things up and report it.