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    • Cheddar -- Votes: 16
    • No cheese -- Votes: 8
Pasta poll user banned
Aug 7th '13

I'm making mostaccioli noodles with red sauce for dinner. I only have cheddar cheese. Should I sprinkle some of that on top? Or just do pasta with no cheese?

We ARE the Crystal gems 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Beach city, CA, United States 17877 posts
Aug 7th '13

You can never go wrong with cheese lol

user banned California 36390 posts
Aug 7th '13
Quoting Ravey Candyass:" no cheese. i can't do anything other than Parmesan or mozzarella on my pasta or products of the like. (except for ricotta in my lasagna)"

I decided on no cheese. I like provolone, mozzarella, Parmesan or ricotta.

Nicola. 2 kids; Manton, MI, United States 13426 posts
Aug 7th '13

I always vote cheese. lol