I need debate topics! Mommy of 4 :) 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Edmonton, Alberta 2170 posts
Aug 7th '13

We need debate topics. We only have come up with the real simple ones -circ, spanking, CIO, vaccines, piercing ears, co-bathing and sleeping . can you give us some ideas and come join us if like!

Lizzie Gora Due January 5; 1 child; St. Marys, Georgia 6 posts
Aug 7th '13

what about drinking wine while pregnant? I know some doctors will prescribe it, but some are against it.

Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38965 posts
Aug 7th '13

have you seen the new research on crack babies? apparently poverty hits a kid harder than their moms pregnant crack addiction.

so... you could always debate whether it's okay to take crack while pregnant.

or not!

breastfeeding is best, formula isn't. or vice versa, our breastmilk is too full of toxins, so go formula!

santa = lying to your kids. or the opposite, no santa = child abuse / stealing the magic of childhood.

whether people should be feeding their kids fastfood/crap food, also known as the "let a kid be a kid" defense.