Roo & Sophie's mama 2 kids; Denton, Texas 9318 posts
Aug 7th '13

DS is 4 and he gets filtered tap water 95% of the time. He gets 2% milk twice a day and as a treat he gets juice or tea once a week.
DD is 18 months and she gets water throughout the day and whole milk once or twice a day.

I'm suprised how many people give their kids juice/ tea/ koolaid to drink on a daily basis.

lilsoph 2 kids; 1 angel baby; somewhere, MI, United States 4537 posts
Aug 7th '13

Water and milk
they are 5 yo and 23 months

TheNuge 1 child; Pennsylvania 23152 posts
Aug 7th '13

Daughter is 4 1/2 and she drinks skim milk, 1% milk, water and different juices that are either straight or watered-down. She needs juice to keep the poopies manageable. I'm anti-juice, so I wish this wasn't how it is.

*~Bubba Love~* Due December 12 (girl); 17 kids; North Charleston, South Carolina 1728 posts
Aug 7th '13

My 3 yr old gets milk with breakfast and dinner, 1/2 water, 1/2 juice for lunch, and water in between meals..I believe the water has fluoride in it? idk really lol

user banned Due October 22 (boy); 17 kids; d***o, 4998 posts
Aug 7th '13

My DS is 2.5yo, usually ice water, bottled with no fluoride if possible but often from the tap. He also gets 1-2 cups of juice and sometimes a cup of milk. Very rarely soda, he's very sensitive to HFCS and artificial dyes. So usually if it's not water it's 100% juice with no dyes, HFCS or added sugar, and watered down so it's 1/2 juice and 1/2 water

Mama of *3* TTC since Feb 2013; 3 kids; Wisconsin 15846 posts
Aug 7th '13
Quoting fuqq~this~place:" The pedi gave me a script for fluoride drops for my 9 month old :roll: okay so on a tube of toothpaste ... [snip!] ... is allowed is swallowed........Hitler used fluoride to kill butt loads......but they want me to put it in my 9 month old ???"

Our pedi with my oldest did the same...we threw the script away lol. A lot of the pediatricians that arent "up on the times" will still push fluoride. We choose not to.

Kells. 18 kids; f**king, Austria 17622 posts
Aug 7th '13

Each of my kids get two things of 100% apple juice a day. Michael gets a small kids cup full and Seth gets a sippy cup that's halfway diluted with water. After that, Seth gets a sippy of milk and a sippy of water later and Michael gets a choice of milk or water, although he almost ALWAYS chooses water for the rest of the day.
As for the fluoride, I have no idea. It's just city sink water (Seth's is boiled).