Finally got a tooth Shelby Chappell Due November 29 (girl); 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
Aug 5th '13

My little man is growing up :) He finally cut his first tooth. I thought it would be his bottom ones first because they have looked like they were going to cut through for forever now but it was his top front tooth that cut instead :) I can't wait until he has more teeth come through and he has that toothy grin.

heather2470 Due November 22 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 163 posts
Aug 5th '13

My little one dd good with the first few but this 5th tooth will be the death of us.. Lol 103f fevers, ear infections with it.. You are soooo right though on the cute toothy grins.. Congrats to your baby on the first tooth :)