Castor Oil GrumpsMama 1 child; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 16246 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Can somebody link me or atleast give me information of the health risks taking castor oil for inducing labor?

Please, thank you!

user banned 33 kids; Blytheville, Arkansas 7534 posts
Aug 3rd '13

I could google some links but basically anything YOU take directly affects the baby, so you could potentially make your baby pass waste in utero before labor kicks in. That could set in a nasty infection for both mother and child- not a good way to welcome a newborn! Also, considering how bad they make you cramp up, even if the baby doesn't pass waste, it could very well cause them physical pain too.

ETA: I don't mean YOU you, I'm assuming you're getting this info for someone else. Haha.

[Gryffinwhore♥] 3 kids; anywhere, bH, United States 37526 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Last I heard, it does not cause the baby to poop in utero.
It makes you shit like crazy and have contractions that don't really do anything. And it might actually make you go into labor.

Women have used it effectively (under the care of a mid-wife) to start labor.

Here's a link:

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Aug 3rd '13

Castor oil

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Aug 3rd '13

I couldn't find anything online that was a legitimate source. . I read Ina Mae Gaskins book and it basically said there is no conclusive study that castor oil passes through the placenta and causes the baby to pass meconuim in utero. However the only risk that was listed was dehydration.

BlackVelvet 1 child; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Illinois 4767 posts
Aug 3rd '13

There is alot of conflicting reports with inducing labor with Castor Oil

The side effects from castor oil can include:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • contractions of the uterus (may or may not be labor)
  • nausea

Some women and practitioners, doctors and midwives alike, swear by castor oil as a way to induce labor. Other mothers have tried castor oil and have experienced the side effects but remained pregnant. There are practitioners who do not recommend castor oil because of potential side effects like dehydration (from loose stools and/or vomiting), fetal distress and meconium in the baby. Though castor oil inductions take place without the knowledge of the practitioner in some cases, it is always wise to talk to your midwife or doctor about how to use castor oil before doing so.
Induction before your due date is never a good idea in the absence of a medical reason. Even then, a castor oil induction, may not be your best option. It may not work.

SurvivingApril 18 kids; West Virginia 174 posts
Aug 10th '13

I took it with my first daughter, she was almost two weeks late and I wanted her out lol
so I read alot about it and mixed it with sprite and drank it (doesn't mix, just kind of condenses on top) ugh
the stuff does not taste good but all I know is I drank it one night, the next morning I woke up, my water broke, and I had my baby 4 hours later lol

so it worked for me lol