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Aug 3rd '13

I would get the sleep sacks & dishwasher caddy. The others on the list actually aren't recommended anymore, or you wont use as often as people think.

Monsters² Mom Due August 16; 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Lemon, .., Yemen 5492 posts
Aug 3rd '13

The only thing I used on your list was the changing table (because of my c-section and my gallbladder removal shortly after) I couldn't bend over so I converted my dresser into one so I didn't have to bend.
The dishwasher caddy I used because my bottles had these vents at the bottom and the silverware caddy wasn't able to keep them in when I washed them.

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Aug 3rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Dirt Road Scholar:</b>" Humidifier: Maybe but not a must. Diaper stacker: Just get a basket or something Changing table: I ... [snip!] ... life more easier and best satisfies your baby. I went through the SAME thing with my MIL and I would up with way too much CRAP!"</blockquote>

See that's exactly what I thought about all of it lol just a huge waste of money when shower guests can just buy what i know ill need that way ill get most, if not all of it as gifts but since so many are saying sleep sack ill throw one on there, who knows, she may love it(:
Thanks ladies youre all big helps! Seriously idk what I'd do without this site!!!❤

The ℰffin' D! 2 kids; New York 26316 posts
Aug 3rd '13

You really don't need any of that. I never used an umbrella stroller until she was past a year anyways.

I used baby powder the most, just like some of the ladies said. I bought a humidifier too and never used the stupid thing. It is still sitting in her room though. :lol:

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Aug 3rd '13

None of that stuff is necessary.
I still have the bottle of baby powder from when Heathen was a baby, and she'll be 5 in November.

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Aug 3rd '13

If get the changing table and the car seat head rest.

Inc0gnitus 2 kids; Anchorage, Alaska 4325 posts
Aug 3rd '13

None of that is absolutely needed, but the sleepsacks were nice because I didnt have to swaddle with them and my kids hated being swaddled. Shopping bags are great to neutralize the smell of a poopy diaper.

Amber {Dylan's momma} 1 child; Lodi, Ohio 2052 posts
Aug 3rd '13

I always use my changing table and just have a can w/ lid next to it and I have a humidifier for her allergies

KillerMombie 3 kids; Belle Chasse, Louisiana 28282 posts
Aug 3rd '13

If your seat doesn't come with a headrest, use rolled up receiving blankets on either side of baby. Don't add aftermarket products to the seat.

I love a good humidifier for colds/flus with a little Tea Tree or Eucalyptus Oil so I actually own, like, 3. Plus, they're nice to have around in winter.

Baby Powder works great if you've got to run out somewhere and don't have time to wash your hair first. Rub a little in your scalp as dry shampoo... BUT I've never used it on any of my kids.

I've never owned an umbrella stroller.

I've never owned a changing table.

If you bottle feed a dish washing basket is helpful for tiny pieces.

Never used a sleep sack.

Diaper pails are a scam. A plastic pail is a plastic pail.

Mrs. Daniel 1 child; California 547 posts
Aug 3rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting The Andromeda Strain:</b>" - humidifier These are only good if your baby is already sick, honestly. Most newborns don't get colds ... [snip!] ... then go ahead. But they aren't needed, blankets are fine. - dishwasher caddy For your bottles? This I'd actually recommend. "</blockquote>


Bambi78 Due December 14; 1 child; United Kingdom 1769 posts
Aug 3rd '13
Quoting 1stTimeBabyMaker:" For a newborn? My mom and MIL say I HAVE to have these but some of it seems kind of like a waste of money ... [snip!] ... Also, what are some things that aren't on the baby check lists that made your life easier or you wish you knew about or had?"

I got none of those except the car seat head rest. is that the head hugger insert? Id get that to support baby in the car seat. I never used a sleep sack with a newborn.
I wish I knew how to swaddle and had some swaddle blankets. I wouldnt have managed the early months without the baby swing. I had to wear DS early on so a baby sling. and white noise. why didnt anyone tell me about white noise lol

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Aug 3rd '13

The only things you NEED are a place to sleep (crib, cosleeper, or your bed) something to catch pee and poop (cloth or disposable diapers) a way to feed them (b**bs or formula), and a carseat.

Beyond the minimum, i only use our wraps and a baby swing. And swaddlingblankets.

A+E VBAC mama! 2 kids; Gaylord, Minnesota 12226 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Nope, I never used any of that. The carseat we have came with a head thing.

eKnuckles Due February 13; Florida 3476 posts
Aug 3rd '13

No. We didnt even buy a crib, baby slept with us.

[Gryffinwhore♥] 3 kids; anywhere, bH, United States 37526 posts
Aug 3rd '13

I'm late to this, but I'll answer anyway.

To bring a baby home, you NEED
A carseat.
A place for baby to sleep. Which doesn't need to be a crib. A bassinet, pack n play...whatever.
A way to feed baby. Either tits or bottles.
Diapers and wipes.
Diaper rash cream. Meconium is a b***h to clean off.
Clothes and blankets.

Those are absolute NEEDS.

It's also nice to have:
A boppy or other breastfeeding pillow, even if you're not breastfeeding.
Extra blankets, burp rags...ect.
Gas drops.

But you don't need all that extra shit. Really, little babies are fairly easy.