Lironah Due January 30; 5 kids; Utah 68 posts
Aug 1st '13

My first was whisked off to the NICU pretty much right away, and I couldn't feed her for I think 2 days. I never did get my milk supply up to a level that would satisfy her. If that ever happens again I'm going to make darn sure that they have a good reason for it, because formula is too expensive.

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Aug 1st '13

Any updates?

Sour Daisy 1 child; Kennewick, Washington 7251 posts
Aug 3rd '13

Yep she is doing great. The baby has been staying in the nursery though while she catches up on sleep. She is getting in the swing of breastfeeding and life with a new little baby. I know she us upset at how long it took to get him back to her room and I really hope it didn't affect his latch or anything.