Carter&Violet♥ She Gone! 2 kids; Virginia 14177 posts
Aug 1st '13
Quoting A❤T=P&W:" Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't want to do it longer. I gave up a career to stay home, and when I go back I will be starting all over."

I would do it if we wouldn't be strapped, we could live. Just not have the extras we're used to.

LnghrnFan 2 kids; Colorado 26 posts
Aug 1st '13

If you don't have to work, I would wait until after your son is born to decide. Children tend to thrive more when they're home with their mommies and not in day care, but not everyone has the option of being at home. I can tell you that children are well worth the sacrifices, financial or otherwise, that their parents may need to make for them. You and your husband will have to weight he pros and cons before you decide. And you may find when your son is born, the thought of leaving him is more than you can bear. Praying you have wisdom as you make the best decision for your baby and your family!

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49166 posts
Aug 1st '13

I hate being home i feel like i can not meet anyone and i always have a head ace both my kids are special needs in there own ways.

NopeNotGonnaDOIt 6 kids; Cuba 3000 posts
Aug 2nd '13

working part-time works best for me though I did get the first year off with all three which was amazing. I'm also fortunate to make enough money that it's like a lower end full time paying job but I only work 3.5 days a week. It's less time away from them compared to when they start school though. That makes me a bit more sad because I will lose two full days a week with them. But they flourish and grow so fast and I think school full-time will challenge them more than I ever could. I think that when they are all in school I will take on full-time again, unless I go back to copywriting from home, just depends where we are at come then.

Mara Due September 27 (girl); 2 kids; San Francisco, California 38965 posts
Aug 2nd '13
Quoting Pregnant&Hot:" This is my first pregnancy and this conversation has come up a few times between me and my husband. He ... [snip!] ... home. I want to be there for my son and family, but at the same time I want him to see that I have dreams and goals to. Idk..."

there are tons of options, it's not an either-or proposition in the first place.

you can:

1. be a full-time SAHM ... but i don't think that's your gig, from the sound of your post.

2. take the first few months off (i'd recommend this for ALL women) after birth and get your life in order see how you feel about the SAHM-i-ness of your life.

3. look into part time for the first few years of your child's pre-schooling (as in they're not in school) life.

4. look into WAHM - as a massage therapist, you can have people come to your house, eh?

5. do the full time working mom gig when it suits your family's needs.

personally, i think being away from home constantly is just fine before you have kids and can be "just fine" afterward, but generally, they benefit from a sense that mom or dad'll be home when i'm home when they're younger and more concerned w/ that connection.

once they're in primary school and fully clear on your role in their life (usually around 2nd to 3rd grade), full time working parents don't necessarily have to be the source of emotional stress they'd be earlier in their life.

that said, it's really about what YOU want and can cope w/ -- and a lot of that won't be known until you're fully into motherhood, b/c the first time is an eye-opener for every single one of us.

Pregnant&Hot Due October 14 (boy); Pennsylvania 7 posts
Aug 8th '13

Thank you for all your replies, they have really been a help to me. I'll give it a few months and see what's best for me. I'll still finish up my schooling but I might have to start a from home business first just to adjust.